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Friday, 18 July 2014

Leaving, on a jet plane......



What do you do when you write a blog about living in Glebe, when you are not going to live there anymore? Or at least for the next few years. What do you do?

I don't really know. I have made so many decisions recently. Many small. Lots small. And some big. Moving to Singapore was big. But not a hard decision. At all. I have always wanted to live and work overseas. Same for Arran. We have talked about this a lot. Why is it that the small decisions are harder? It's like Arran and I have things upside down. Buy a stupid expensive house on a whim? Sure! Order Thai or Indian takeaway on Friday night? Can't decide. Pack up our whole life including 2 small boys and move to Asia? No problem! Should we take a BBQ? No idea!

This is the theme of our life.

Small decisions have been about:
  • Do I take the outdoor furniture? Will there be room? Will it be too hot to sit outside?
  • How many beds do I take (when I have no idea about the size of apartments)?
  • What clothes will we need? I'm guessing track pants and ugh boots are out?
  • Will there be a hairdresser who can do pink? Just wondering....
  • What do I do with a blog called "Secret homes of Glebe?" when I no longer live in Glebe?
  • Should I get my rings cleaned 3 days before leaving Sydney?
  • Should I have a massage because my head might explode if I don't?
  • Should I get some new bras because the chances are that getting big boob bras are small in Singapore? Hah!
  • Where do we stay between selling our house, having our house packed up and leaving on a jumbo jet (it's really an A330 but the boys are excited about it)? Arran was quite stressed about this aspect.
Stuff like that.

Overall though we are excited. Small boys are excited about pools and trains and new schools and going on Jumbo jets. I'm excited about new cultures, being part of a new team and learning about a new culture and doing new things in my job. Arran is excited about riding his bike. No news there. Overall though, on the Friday night before we leave, we are exhausted.

While we contemplate our future in some (very nice and cheap) temporary accommodation (Bondi Eco Garden Retreat), we don't really know where we are heading and where we will end up. But that's cool and that's ok.

I think I will rename the blog "Secret Homes of Singapore". What do you think? The housing and lifestyle will be so different to Sydney. Our lives will be different, and interesting and fun and do you want to hear about it?

Lisa xx

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  1. So surely you'll still BBQ in Singers, no? And that bra idea was a super one!