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Saturday, 7 January 2012

2011 The year that was....

It seems to be a tradition in many families to put together a newsletter detailing the last 12 months activities, to send to their family and friends, usually in a Christmas card. Well I’m crap at writing Christmas cards. I often buy a pack of pretty cards with the very good intention on sending them. Some years I have even bought stamps! As a result I have quite a good selection of cards.

During 2011 I started writing a blog and got a really good camera so I have combined the two. Consider this your Christmas and New Year greeting plus family newsletter from Arran, Aiden, Charlie and I. Here are some highlights!
Aiden learnt to ride a bike

We went to the park a lot and had fun on the slides

We went to Brisbane for Mum’s 60th Birthday
Mum and Dad at the Party
Aiden had fun with his cousins in Brisbane
Jordi, Aiden and Marley
 We went to cafes and restaurants
Me on a work trip in Singapore - Gotta love chilli crab!
 Winter in Sydney was very cold. We had to "rug up"

Marley and Jordi Vaggs (the cousins) came to visit with their parents Emma and Brett
Emma, Aiden, Marley and Jordi
The Vaggs: Brett, Marley, Emma and Jordi
We went on some road trips

And read some books          

I started a blog

Aiden got his hair cut
One of the times he didn't throw a tanty
Said goodbye to the mini  *sob*

Had some great photos taken by Andrea Thompson and wrote about it here
Had a little break

Read some more books and kept clean

Did a photography course

Played with some trains
 Went swimming

And went to the museum

Practised my photography skills

Did some stuff around the house

Practised some more photography skills

Played with some dinosaurs

Got some new summer clothes, which seemed a little premature (bloody Sydney weather)

Went to Bondi Beach

Met a birdy

Had some toast

Welcomed Charlie

Took a trip to Bowral

Went to playgroup at Vision Australia
Went to a cyclo-cross race
Arran in action
Had some more toast

Hung some art
Salvage chic!
 Thanks to everyone who follows my blog. Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2012!

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  1. That last shot looks vaguely familiar but I don't remember much of it...