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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Part 2 - The affair continues.....

We found a 3 Bed, 2 bath, 2 storey Terrace with prized off-street secure parking in Glebe St, a couple of doors up from The Australian Hotel (affectionately known as “The Aussie Youth”). The house was a deceased estate that was then rented out for a bit to students. I think it would be referred to as a "Renovators" dream. Unloved and not pretty. Somehow though we fell in love with it, couldn’t stop thinking about it and were already planning the renos on the floor plan on the back of the real estate agents flyer, the same day we first looked at it. It had so much potential!!

The building report outlining rising damp, termite damage, creaky stairs and not one door in the place fitting the door jam properly, didn’t sway us from purchasing it. Anyone with experience of houses in Glebe, or any inner city suburb with 200 year old houses will know that rising damp and termite damage is par for the course). We also had an understanding and helpful real estate agent in Mari Luise from Zello Real Estate. She helped us work through the issues identified in the building report, recommended the right trades people to talk to about the issues and eventually sealed the deal. She also had some great suggestions for improving the layout of the house, which we eventually implemented.

The best thing about this house was its location. A 2 minute walk to Broadway Shopping Centre, 10 minute walk to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre (awesome indoor pool and fitness complex), a minute walk to a couple of parks and a 5 minute walk to all the great cafes and restaurants on Glebe Pt Rd. Not to mention a 30-minute stroll to the city. Bliss.

The worst thing about this house was its location. Not long after we moved to Glebe St some people we met at a dinner referred to the Broadway end of Glebe as the “Beirut” end. Somewhat unkind but not inaccurate. The house came with window and door bars already fitted. Each Sunday morning as we walked up the road to enjoy breakfast on Glebe Pt road there was a selection of cars with broken windows and ransacked interiors. Many evenings our sleep was woken by kids, drunks or drunk kids being generally rowdy (OK many nights I entertained violent fantasises  about how I could move these people on at 3 in morning). Despite this we really enjoyed living there just for the overall convenience and energy. We were living right on the fringe of the city.

Except for having to leave my beloved Mini Cooper S on the street one weekend (yes it got broken into) and an underage kid using our roof as a path to the Aussie Youth Beer garden, we lived there without any real incident. Dad on his interstate visits was most impressed with the pub being so close!

We moved into that house on top of the builder laying the new timber floor downstairs and with no kitchen. Next Blog update I'll tell you about the start of the renovations (including before and after shots)!

I would love to hear about the favourite places you have lived. What were the pluses and minus’s? What location would you really love to live in if you had the choice?

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