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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm just not that kind of Mummy.....

It all started last night while perusing Facebook, on my iPad. In bed. I came across a friend’s post of her son Harry's recent child-care photo. Cute little boy about Aiden’s age pulling a face with his tongue sticking out. Funny. It was accompanied by a witty caption by his mum, Alex who writes a blog called “Bad Mumma”. I like her.

Hold on, isn’t Aiden’s child-care photos coming up? Is that this week? Or next week? I think its next week. Isn’t it? Um..yep. Must be next week. Yes. I think….

About 3 weeks ago there was a sign up at Aiden’s day care advertising the up coming photo shoot, although photo shoot is probably the wrong word. Photo circus? Anyway, in Aiden’s pocket I found a nice new envelope from the photography company with all the details. I just needed to fill out the form on the outside, put some money on the inside and return the week before the photographer arrived. Easy. If you are a certain kind of mummy. I made some promises:
1.    I will not put the photo order envelope in my handbag to get crumpled and dirty, screwed up and forgotten.
2.    I will put the dates in my diary to remind me of when the money is due back at the child care centre, as well as the day the photos will actually be taken
3.    I will, return the envelope and money before the due date

Get in car. Drive to work. Forget above promises. Promptly.

Woke up this morning. I’m wondering if the photos are going to be taken today? Hmmm….I haven’t filled out the envelope. I wonder where the envelope actually is? Is it too late if I return the envelope on the day? What will I dress Aiden in? Do I have any money in my wallet?

Start mantra. Must find the envelope. Must find the envelope. Must find the envelope. Must find the envelope. Get distracted by making small boy’s breakfast. Where was I? Must find the envelope. Must find the envelope. FOUND! Its a bit grubby but not too bad. Fill out envelope quickly. Name: Aiden Pearson. Room: Room? Ummm, its….something to do with…well when he started there he was in Angel Babies. That was easy to remember! He was an Angel Baby!! Then he moved into the bigger babies room…..ummm what was that called? Hmmm…did it still have the word Angel in it? Maybe.  Doesn’t matter. He is in a bigger room now. It’s called, um…something like….is it still to do with babies? He’s not really a baby anymore. Probably doesn’t have the word baby in it. Errr…..surely the ‘girls’ know which room he is in? Don’t they? I’ll just leave that bit blank. Which pack do I want? Umm…don’t really need photos of the other kids, do I? I don’t know the other kids. Is that bad? Probably. Bugger. I’ll just order the photos of Aiden. Put the money in envelope. Lick to seal. Why isn’t it sealing? Oh. It’s not a lick type envelope. You have to peel a strip off. Peel strip off. Seal. Put in Aiden’s bag so I don’t forget to take. Start new mantra. Don’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope. Don’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope. Don’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope. Don’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope. Don’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope.

Get Aiden to day-care. Didn’t forget to give the ‘girls’ the envelope. Phew! It’s not too late. Good Mummy. Well done.

On the way out, check Aiden’s pocket. What’s this? 

A birthday party invitation? For Salem’s 3rd Birthday? WHO IS SALEM? AND WHY DOES SALEM’S MOTHER HAVE TIME TO PREPARE SUCH BEAUTIFUL INVITATIONS AND GIVE OUT 3 WEEKS EARLY? She is obviously a different kind of mummy to me. I bet she returned her child-care photo envelope before it was due, correctly filled out, including the room Salem is in, with the correct money.

I imagine Salem’s Mother is also able to pull together a proper lunch box, for outings. You know. One of those nice insulated lunch box/bag type arrangements where you can fit a nutritious sandwich cut into bite size pieces, small containers with cut up strawberries, a special container for sultanas and maybe cheese pieces and a drink bottle with the child’s name on it from one of the those label mail order companies. I actually have some of those labels. They have Aiden’s name with a cute bicycle picture. I’m a good mummy. Just wish I could find them.

I went to a Tupperware party not long after Aiden was born. I was on maternity leave with nothing much else to do.  They were selling these containers with various compartments, especially for little kids and their caring mothers. It had a section to fit a sandwich and other little compartments for snacks. And it’s Tupperware. It has a lifetime guarantee. I got one. I’m a good mummy. We used it once. I don’t know where it is now.

I like that Aiden’s day-care centre caters for both types of Mummies. They have dress up days. A few weeks ago they had “come dressed as your favourite book character” WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I decided just to forget about that one. I could spend a whole lot of creative energy trying to think up something and then stressing about when I have to have it organised and then doing it at the last minute…or not at all….seriously, is a two year old going to care? This dress up day was for Salem’s mum. I’m just not that kind of Mummy. About 2 months ago they had “Wear your pyjama’s to child care day! YES, YES!! I’m that kind of Mummy. That’s gives me an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning because when he wakes up, he is already dressed! Genius. Pop on his slippers and you’re off!

Of course not everything is bad in Aiden’s life because he doesn’t have “that sort of Mummy”. Food companies have recognised the differences in Mummies and put Tiny Teddies in little snack packs! Hooray! He has learnt to like Café food because his Mummy never has decent snacks on hand. Woo, hoo! When his socks are mismatched his Grandmother assumes that’s the way they came. Awesome!
He’s also seems a relaxed and happy kinda kid. He goes to bed with no fuss, no matter where he is put down. He’s pretty happy to tag along with what Arran and I are up to.  He can be occupied with some matchbox cars and a couple of trains…. there are always upsides to not being that kind of Mummy!

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