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Friday, 16 December 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

So there has been a "flurry" of activity in the house over the past couple of weeks. Well flurry is probably a stretch but I wanted to somehow work the word “flurry” in! I finally got around to doing some more things I have been wanting to do for ages. Arran was house-bound due to getting sick towards the end of last week and the appalling Sydney weather, so we got to work!

We purchased a mirror for our lounge room about 12 months ago, on a trip down the South Coast of NSW, and we have just managed to hang it. Yes we are slack. 

We often drive through a pretty little place called Milton and for some reason we actually stopped and had a look in some of the shops. We had been thinking that a mirror would work over the fireplace beside our Datner Dining table. I had in mind a large traditional mirror that would fit with the Victorian features of the room, but Arran fell in love with this one in a home-wares and furniture store in one of Milton's side streets. And I must admit it looks pretty cool. It does seem to work with the more contemporary furniture we like and is a great contrast to the navy blue walls.

Love the reflection of the ceiling rose and chandelier
It took a long time to hang because, firstly it took a number of months to have it delivered. The owners of the store, by coincidence, live in Glebe and offered to deliver it. Unfortunately they kept forgetting! Secondly, once we had it in the house, it took ages for us to buy strong enough picture hanging hooks that could take the 30kg or so, and that would hold in the old soft brickwork. I think we were also a little chicken to take on hanging such a heavy piece. Anyway, we purchased some hooks a month ago and put the mirror up on Sunday. Yah!

We hung a second mirror on Sunday. Our current house in Bridge Rd has a funny little downstairs toilet. I think the previous owners converted the pantry into a toilet so you didn’t have to climb lots of stairs, which is very handy.  Its off the kitchen and I have always thought that it needed a mirror over the basin. I saw a round one in last week’s Target catalogue on special for $59 and I thought it would be perfect . It was purchased on Thursday and hung on Sunday.
Nice, hey?
As we had the drill, drill bits, measuring tape and picture hooks out, this artwork finally found pride of place in our kitchen, hanging above the wine fridges the previous owners kindly left for us. They look great.

I had a visitor here from Milwaukee on Wednesday night for dinner who threatened to steal it and wanted to know what it was. It’s a cool story. Each piece is a ‘die’ from an old shipbuilding workshop that existed in the backyard of a Balmain house. They were used to make parts for ships and boats. A collegue I completed my Masters with purchased the house while we were studying and was cleaning out the large workshop/small factory. I was looking for original artwork for our Glebe St house and she offered that I could take anything I wanted.  I like these because they are unique and abstract and represent the working history of the area, much of which has been turned into very expensive housing. I like the contrast between the industrial and dirty and the clean creamy modern walls. The top piece has the name of the shipbuilder in the metal. H G Wise. 

What else? I have been changing my mind every week (Arran would say every day) on what to do with a large expanse of wall that runs from our kitchen to the back door. We currently have a bright orange Delta King Furniture lounge up against it and I have been oscilating between putting wallpaper up or paint. I know I want to hang bright artwork and photos on this wall and want an interesting backdrop. The latest issue of Belle Australia Magazine (Dec 11/Jan 12) features an amazingly colourful Miami holiday house. I absolutely love it! One of the walls featured in the photographs is a purplely-blue which is a great contrast to orange, turquoise, green and yellow design elements of the room. Check it out!

I'm thinking of using this photo as an inspiration for my room. I have tried to match the colour on this wall with Dulux colours but can’t quite find the right one. 

Have also tried Porters Paints. I think the one on the left is quite close and I’m loving the turquoise. What do you think?

And finally Christmas has struck. Our Christmas tree is up and looks pretty nice and I even have a wreath on the front door. Its nice that it hasn't been stolen. Yet. We even have some solar powered twinkle lights in a tree in the back yard.

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