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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What's that word?

Yes it's been a little while. Sorry about that.

Last week the two small boys and I went to Coolangatta to spend time with Nan and Grandpa. It was a week of warm ocean swims, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (who hasn't been there when they were little to have a Lorikeet poop on your head?), lots of time in the pool and sitting on the balcony looking at the beach and the ocean. There was a lot of food eaten and much wine drunk. I even got a few walks in. Thanks Mum.

Greenmount Beach
As you can see Queensland remembered how to put on a sunny day, every day (pick your act up Sydney). Charlie got to have his first swim in the pool in a little floaty blow up ring. After the initial screams he seemed to like his little dip!
Where's my beer?

Beach baby Charlie
 Aiden got to swim a lot. Which he loves, loves, loves! Even when he and Grandpa got knocked over by a wave it's still a really good time. Aiden and Grandpa also had a great time out of the water. Grandpa got to learn lots of new and useful skills. For example, taking a small boy to the toilet when you are out for dinner. You have to lift Aiden up on the toilet and then Aiden insists you shut the door. Dad complied with his request and then a few moments later asked if he was finished. The man in the stall next door replied! And then later provided Dad with his phone number. Ace.
Peas in a pod?
Grandpa also learnt that Aiden only needs to hear a new word once before he can parrot it back and use it in the right context.  Aiden piped up with "I look sexy", in the lift with a group of other grandparent types. Yep. Not sure I want my son, who is not even 3, telling me he is sexy.  Thanks Grandpa. Aiden can also use the terms "Wacky-do" and "Wacko-the-did-dl-e-oh" in context. Whatever that would be. Nan is responsible for these additions to Aiden's already extensive vocab.

And it was a week that the grandparents learned that to deal with two small boys it's better if the whole household has an afternoon sleep. Otherwise everyone develops the common, but not well understood condition "cranky-pants". Luckily they understood that the evening goes well if it commences with wine at 5pm.

Just lazing about. Aiden and Grandpa

Nan and Charlie

Aiden and the Grandparents

Charlie and Grandpa

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