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Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 The Year that was.....


2012 started as it should. With good quality bubbles.

Aunty Em and the Cousins came to visit! Here we are at the light rail stop at Glebe.

Off we went to holiday in Coolangatta with Nan and Grandpa. We went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. The best bit was the train!

Off I went to a "People Photography" workshop with Sydney Photographic Workshops

We planted some plants which are still alive
Aiden turned.......
and had a party with friends
Nan and Grandpa came to visit and give cuddles....
Aiden got a special present
Charlie went for a swim with Daddy

Aiden got a new bedroom.....
Arran did some bike riding. No surprise there!
I owned up to my magazine addiction.

Got inspired with some funky fabric.....

 Went on an outing with some friends.....

Charlie and I appeared on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald!

Got some new clothes......
 Went on a holiday to Fiji....

Put up some art....

Charlie tried out a bike!

 Made some cushions....

Went to a wedding in Palm Cove

 More bike riding.....

Ride to work day. Even I got into the act!
Charlie turned 1!

Halloween dress ups at Daycare!

Arran and I had a party....shame I was too sick to enjoy it!


Arran and I did a "Travel and Documentary" workshop with Sydney Photographic Workshops

Wrapped some presents
 Went to hear some Carols and had a picnic!

Christmas day! Aiden got to see Santa after all....


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