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Friday, 8 March 2013

Things to be grateful for...on my birthday

So it's my birthday today. I'm 40 and feeling a bit, well, like it's any other day at this point. Arran and I had a combined 40th party last November and I fell foul of the household tummy bug and was too sick to enjoy it. I went to bed early having not enjoyed any of the lovely cocktails on offer or the amazing thai food from Longrain, or socialising with all the lovely people who came.

Arran is also away until Monday riding his bike in Victoria somewhere so there were no presents this morning. He did leave me a card from him and a card from the boys before he left on Friday which was nice, but I can't help feeling that my birthday is less important than riding a bike.

I have had around 10 automatically generated emails from various businesses who have my email address and birth-date offering various discounts and incentives to come spend more money with them. I feel so special.

I have also had some cards and gifts in the mail, which is nice. My sister and my nephews rang and wished me Happy Birthday and I have had a birthday message on Facebook, also from my sister. Mum and Dad sent me some money to buy a gift which I'm going to save for a trip to the US in April.

We are going away next weekend for my birthday but it's not really the same. You would think I was a kid but feeling a little low really. It's probably PMT and I need to pull myself together.

So in the spirit of this being a first world problem, there have been lots of things to be grateful for today and it's only 10am:
  1. A work colleague told me I could ignore his emails for the day. He also called me a "Babe". I was chuffed. Until I realised he meant I was young (he is in his 50's) not hot! Not that being young is not a bad thing but being called hot, sexy, good looking etc is much better.
  2. Slept all night without Charlie crying and having to fly out of bed to put his dummy in.
  3. Had the bed to myself because Arran is away riding his bike. That's just a normal weekend though.
  4. Charlie didn't stir until 7.19am which is when I woke up. I read my book for 15 minutes more before getting up. Bliss
  5. Both small boys are happy
  6. Aiden took up the bribe of a "present" in the shape of a train if it didn't wet his pants during the night for the first time ever. 
  7. I cleaned up the kitchen before going to bed last night and it was really nice to come down to a clean and tidy house (clutching at straws)
  8. Charlie didn't cry like a banshee when I got him dressed
  9. Bookclub is at my house this afternoon and I have two people coming who contacted me through this blog, looking to join a bookclub. New friends! I also have two friends coming for the first time who I met through work and who I adore.
  10. Laura and Luella are coming over to help with bookclub and to stay for dinner for my birthday.
  11. I'm going to crack some vintage champagne for dinner tonight.
The day is looking good!

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