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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Arty Glebe Streets

A number of months ago I was sitting in an airport in Asia, playing on my iPad killing time before my flight back home. I think I had been in China so was desperate for a Facebook fix. The Chinese government is still denying this website to its residents. My friend Andrea and I began ‘chatting’ using Facebook’s chat functionality. I have been friends with "Drea" for around 15 years! When I first met we were both living in Brisbane and she was dating a guy who was friends with the guy I was dating. I just thought she was the coolest! Amazing creative energy, naughty sense of humour, white blonde hair and riding a "Pepsi" motorbike. In awe really.

Nothing much has changed. Well we both have moved on from various parts of our life and found new parts but she has maintained her coolness, naughtiness and creative energy!

We were having a general chat and I asked her if she would be in Sydney over the coming months. Andrea has become a great photographer and I thought it would be nice to have some family shots including my pregnant belly, before the new baby arrived. The snaps I have of my belly while pregnant with Aiden are not flattering!

Andrea and my sister Emma made the invitations for Arran and my wedding and Andrea took our wedding photos on what was one of Sydney’s hottest days after Christmas in 2005. We got married in the back yard of our Glebe St house despite my mother’s protests (it was a very un-pretty backyard which we eventually had landscaped). We invited around 40 people, brought in a fantastic caterer to serve continuous finger food and cocktails and spent lots on lovely wine. It was a great party. It’s still the favourite wedding I have attended!

Andrea specialises in wedding photography and has a distinct style I would describe as beautiful, quirky and fun. She also loves photographing families, babies and baby bumps! Check out her work here

We set a date for the family photo shoot and she asked me to think about what kind of style I would like.

One of the things I love about Glebe is the street art and murals. They somehow work with the old houses and the general Glebe vibe. I just had to feature these in our family shoot and I’m so happy with the results! Andrea’s style of photography mixed with the street art is a great combination. Arran and Aiden tagged along and indulged me in the choice of background for the photo-shoot and Drea’s lovely partner Mike was a great photographer’s assistant!

The artist who did the mural in the first six photos below is Davey Mac or "Teazer" His bright vibrant work features in a number of Glebe Streets and Lanes. You can view more of his work here. The artist who completed the murals in the last four photos is Stu Barber. Stu is involved in Dulwich Hill Street Art Club, which is part of Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design.

When you are next in Glebe I encourage you to take a walk into the streets and lanes beyond Glebe Point Road. There are many great street art murals to be found. I think some of the best can be found in the area within Glebe Point Rd, Franklin St/Cowper St, Wentworth Park Rd and Mitchell St.
Spice Teaz Lego Mural Campbell Lane Glebe

"The Letter Lab". Check out the bollards made into test tubes!

"Respect Mural" by Stu Barber

"Enjoy Glebe" Stu Barber

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