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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A little break...

So I have been on Maternity leave for two weeks. It’s been lovely, apart from the fact that I thought I would have had the baby by now. At least I have not been as tired and cranky as when I was still working. It has made a difference not having to get dressed up each day, do my hair and make-up, drop Aiden at daycare and drive 45 minutes to work. And then work!
It's weird though, when I'm really busy and tired I find it easy to be creative and write blog updates. When I have heaps of time on my hands its more difficult! Maybe because its a different outlet to what I do most of the time? In any case this blog update has lots of photos to make up for the lack of writing!

Me being at home has given us the chance get some things around the house that are hard to achieve when Arran and I are working full time. We have lived in our Bridge Rd home for a year and a half and while we have managed to do a few things since we moved in, once you live in a place for a bit you discover other things that need to be fixed. So I thought I would tell you a bit about what we have achieved during the past couple of weeks as well as some of the other things we have been up to:

-       Aiden got a new room
-       The light switch in Aiden’s room finally got fixed. It’s one of those old fashioned cord-pull switches which worked intermittently.
-       The lights in our kitchen/family room also got fixed. There were 16 halogen lights set into the roof and only 13 worked reliably. Two came on and off like they were possessed. All the halogen lights have been replaced with lovely bright LCD’s which over time are more energy efficient and therefore cheaper to run.
-       Returned the Mini Cooper S at the end of the lease (sob!). This ended up taking 5 hours in the middle of the day!
Weather is starting to look like summer so spent some time shopping for Aiden's new summer wardrobe!
Hat and shoes from Seed, Polo's from Mothercare, Shorts from Pumpkin Patch
Shorts from Target, Shirt and T-Shirts from Cotton On
Had some acupuncture at Sydney Essential Health (to try and bring on labour). Brooke and Nicola are great. Very relaxing. So much so that I floated out from one of the treatments and floated into a shop called White at Woollahra and bought a dress and necklace   

Finished the photography course I have been doing. Here are a couple of images from the field trip:
Circular Quay
-       Caught up with some Mothers group friends for morning tea
-       Filed away all the bills and paperwork that usually lies around our kitchen in big piles
-       Bought some plants to replace the last round I killed. Arran was very unkind saying he gives them 2 days to live. I give them at least a month!
Just added the grass in the middle. Apparently grass plants are hard to kill!

Kangaroo Paw. Cheap and hardy (I hope)

Succulents. I have a few different ones that seem to survive despite me, so bought some different varieties.
-       Had a lovely pre-baby Sunday lunch with some girlfriends at Glebe Point Diner
-       Had a lovely pre-baby dinner with more girlfriends at El Bulli
-       Been grocery shopping twice during the day. Much more pleasant than at 6pm.
-       Had a few nice sleep-in’s when Arran took Aiden to daycare

Celebrated the great Sydney spring weather last Saturday afternoon by heading to Bondi to have fish and chips from Mongers. Yum.
End of a beautiful day at Bondi Beach
On Sunday morning Aiden and I went to the park and then walked home via the flower man to see the "birdie"
Luella came and hung out Sunday afternoon and helped me choose plants to kill at the nursery. We then had Simon, Julie and Henry, and Iain and Rebecca and Luella stay for dinner. Julie made cupcakes for dessert!
We don't know what 'flavour' the new baby will be so Julie made green and purple baby-cakes! Isn't she clever?

And here is who we are waiting for. Nice pic at 34 weeks

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