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Friday, 4 November 2011

Welcome Charlie James Pearson

We didn’t know that Charlie was going to be a boy. We should have though. We had a lovely selection of girl’s names…and even a good second name with a family reference. But it was not to be.  We had another lovely boy called Charlie. He arrived at 6.59pm on Friday 21 October after being induced, a labour of 5-6 hours with some awesome drugs. I highly recommend gas while lying back in a warm spa bath. Even if you aren't in labour! He was 3.296kg and 50cm long. Perfect!
The Prince of Wales hospital at Randwick was “packed” that night with new mothers and their babies.  I was moved into a shared room at around 10.30pm and in doing so got the last bed on the maternity ward.  There I shared the night, not sleeping, with another mum and her second baby. Call-bell’s rang all night and mid-wives came and went in a noisy manner. It was a relief to told in the morning that I was going moved to “Little Luxuries” at the Crown Plaza Hotel at Coogee. 

Little Luxuries is a program where, if you and your baby are well enough, you can move to the Crown Plaza for the rest of your hospital stay. They have a mid-wife in the hotel 24 hours to support and check on you and your baby and the food is really good! From what I can work out the main downside is the beautiful beach across the road. I found I really wanted to take Charlie in his pram for a walk along the beach, but didn't feel well enough to actually do that! Also, as you are still a 'patient' you aren't allowed to leave the hotel! What a tease this view was!
Beach view from my room

View right under my balcony!
We had Charlie on Friday and came home from Coogee on Tuesday. Was nice to be home in Glebe, close by to all our favourite places. So far the locals at Clipper and Astor Espresso Cafe's have met Charlie as well as everyone at Stevie English Hair (a girl has to keep her hair nice) and Aiden has showed off his little brother to all at Caring 4 Kids.

Cuddles with Aunty Em!

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  1. love your stories. you are such a great writer. all the best with your new baby. he is beautiful, well handsome should say. i love babies. they dont talk back. lol. tracey b xx