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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Never let a dog lick your face


Hands down one of the most painful things we have been through in Aiden's development was/is toilet training. I wrote about it a bit here. I remembered this pain when last week one of my mother's group friends decided to toilet train her son, and accordingly started the toilet training 'lock-down'. For those lucky bastards uninitiated to such as task, that's where you don't leave the house for days, until the toddler being trained will wee and poo on a standard toilet, and not in any of the 40 pairs of undies that their mother has lovingly bought them. I imagine it's like horse breaking except it requires a lot more time, patience and disinfectant. Aiden being a stubborn little fucker took days, and even then I had to go into hostage like negotiations to get him to wee on a public toilet. 

Anyway, the weather in Sydney was miserable last week and remembering how awful it was to be stuck inside with Aiden, and a new born Charlie during Aiden's toilet training lock-down, I offered to visit mum and toddler with caffeine and fat laden carbohydrate snacks during the afternoon of their lock down: day 2. Offer was gratefully accepted.

During the few hours I was there I was very impressed with the "Toddler-in-Training" ability to pull his pants down and sit on the potty on regular occasions. We are still trying to get Aiden to pull his pants down. Stubborn little fucker. While I was there, there was a very successful wee done on the potty (rewarded appropriately with a lolly) and then the big prize 'a poo'!! And on day 2!! In awe I tell ya!! 

This amazing feat occurred after dinner. Aiden was invited to enjoy a chicken nugget and vege meal and shortly after refusing to eat most of it and absconding to the 'Thomas' table, the feat occurred. I think Aiden pooed where he was supposed to after 7 days. And then only because I bribed him with 2 matchbox cars. Anyway, while Mum, Dad and Toddler were all heads-down, bum-up, bent over the red potty admiring the poo, in raced the family dog, grabbed the poo and swallowed it whole. Oh my. This is why you should NEVER let a dog lick your face.

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