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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pretty House of Glebe

I love sticky-beaking in other people's homes. This may be evident from posts like The Bookclub Problem and from many of the interior design blogs I read and magazines I buy. I truly am more interested in the inside of homes than the outside. Specially in Glebe when its hard to see inside the homes!

Of course there are some very lovely and very beautiful homes, from the outside in Glebe but just recently I have come across a couple of homes which stand out. Not because they are big or unique in design but because they are standard terrace houses, the same build as the others in the row, that their owners are obviously proud of and have done a careful job of making pretty.

Charlie and I went for an afternoon walk recently with the express goal of getting lots of pictures of one or two of these houses. Unfortunately there were lots of people out and about and I felt a little self-conscious snapping photos of houses that weren't mine. I got a few sneaky ones though.....

This house has been painted completely white and it looks amazing against the red rusted corrugated roof. 

They have really thought about how to use plants to set this house off. They have white roses just inside the fence line.

Look at the window box behind these roses and the little strawberry plants around the base of the roses below:

 On the balcony there are gorgeous pots of red geraniums (and I don't even like geraniums that much!), some weepy greenery in pots against the walls (no idea what) and a plant in the corner (again, don't know what it is. I'm such an informative blogger) but the whole front of this house just seems to work and look great. Don't you think?


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